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The Two Sides of Todd McFarlane


Me at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con

First, there is the side of Todd McFarlane that Jim McLauchlin knows and has dealt with for decades,


Now let me tell you what I know of Todd McFarlane from years of signings at comic cons and comic book stores.

He’s no prima donna and he waits.

As long as no one else has the table after him, as long as the store is open, as long as it isn’t a hassle for anyone, he stays.

At his 2002 signing at the San Diego Comic Con, he stayed at his table on the Sail Pavilion for about an hour and a half  after his slot. Long after the long line was depleted, long after the last stragglers had left.

He sat there all by himself and didn’t have to.

I was a volunteer at the Comic Con at the time (a celebrity wrangler), and asked Todd if there was any problem? Help with something?

Todd told me he was waiting for the ones who were rushing across town to see him and were running late.

“Someone in particular?”

“No,” he said. “But it happens. Fans made me. I’m only here because of them.”

A months later in September, Todd did a signing with Clive Barker at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

Todd did it again.

A multimillionaire just hanging out until the store was about to close, all to sign a $3 buck comic. Clive waited with Todd, because Clive was his ride (or maybe Todd was Clive’s ride?).

So they stayed, and stayed, and stayed. It’s who Todd is.

A fan may be running late.

Posing with Clive Barker and Todd McFarlane at Meltdown Comics, Hollywood, CA

Posing with Clive Barker and Todd McFarlane at the 2002 Meltdown Comics signing, Hollywood, CA


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