Satire on the “If Someone Has More Than Me” meme-

If A Man has a House Stacked to the Ceiling with Newspapers, We Call Him Crazy

If A Woman has a Trailer House full of Cats, We Call Her Nuts

When People Pathologically Hoard so much Cash that they Impoverish Others, We put them on the cover of Fortune Magazine and pretend they are Role Models

If Someone has a House Stacked to the Ceiling with Books, Ok, Where ever this is going, I Think I’m Being Insulted!


Zombie Fragment


ATTACKER (shouting, hiding behind a car): “No! Wait! Stop!”


ATTACKER: “Damn it, stop!”


ATTACKER: “Stop shooting at me you assholes! I’m not a zombie!”
JUDD: “Damn Mike! A talking zombie!”
MIKE: “Don’t care. Flush him out.”


ATTACKER: “Stop! Stop it!”
JUDD: “We saw you eating that gal, you f**kin’ zombie!”
ATTACKER: “Okay, fine! I’m a cannibal you gun happy idiots! Not a zombie!”
MIKE: “That’s better how?”


ATTACKER: “She was already dead! There’s no food! I’m Starving!”
JUDD: “Not for long!”


ATTACKER: “Murderers!”
JUDD: “That may be a point. What do you think Mike?”
MIKE: “You can’t be serious.”
JUDD: “Maybe that woman was already dead.”
MIKE: “Then why wasn’t she moving around? And who the hell eats a zombie?”
JUDD: “Starvation can do things to a person’s mind.”
MIKE: “There’s a line, Judd. Once a person goes cannibal, it remains an option.”

Judd and Mike quickly look behind them, at the body, just in case. A partially eaten woman, wounds oozing fresh blood, lies a small distance behind them.

JUDD: “Anything?”
MIKE: “No.”

One shot hits the dead woman’s head. Attacker sees it.

MIKE: “And there won’t be.”
ATTACKER (shouting): “Whoa! So, are we cool?”

Mike and Judd look at each other, sizing up the request.

ATTACKER: “Hey! Are we cool?”
JUDD: “Stand up where we can see you, hands over your head.”

Attacker hesitantly stands, arms raised, hands empty.

ATTACKER: “So it’s cool? We’re okay?”
MIKE: “Yeah.”

Gunshot. Attacker’s head twists back and he drops.

MIKE: “We are now.”

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