This Made My Day

TWITTER: You can like anyone, follow anyone, and throw your comments into the ocean, never to be heard from again.

Sometimes though, just once in a great while, a message comes back.

So this happened today.

ICE-T is one of the folks I follow. The guy made hardcore rap albums but he first appeared on my personal radar when, in 1995 (yeah I’m that old, shut yer cakehole!), I saw the theatrical release of two movies which would become my GoTo cult favorites (I have a top ten): TANK GIRL and JOHNNY MNEMONIC.

Such great concepts! Such great performances! Such great Productions! So poorly executed.

Yet Ice-T stuck in my head. His characters came into both movies – two wildly different stories – like a bystander who was actually living there his whole life when a film crew came in to make their movie. He might as well have been the Eddie Valiant in ToonTown: He was that genuine.

So anyway, I’m on Twitter, I follow certain folks, and Ice-T is one of them.

Today Ice-T tweeted this,ice-t

I thought about it for a second, okay maybe twenty, then respondedseriously

And that’s all I expected to happen. Message in a bottle cast along with thousands of others from thousands of people, all into the great ocean of the Twittersphere.

Then this came back,icetlike

Ice T dropped by long enough to give my comment a Like. So yeah. That bit of positive vibe, that virtual passing smile and a handshake from someone I respect, made my day. And yeah, I’ll definitely be buying his album on March 31.

I hope your day went well.

In getting these screengrabs I accidentally hit Unfollow and had to follow Ice T again.

One day someone will probably throw that in my face. 😉

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