PandoraLogoToday I’m in the mood for electronic music. So I go to my Synergy station at Pandora.

In addition to Synergy they also play a song by Tangerine Dream. I adore the music of Tangerine Dream so I give the song a Thumbs Up!

Mm. That song was from SORCERER soundtrack. So now I get another electronic soundtrack tune from THE MATRIX. Thumbs Up too.

Oh Noes! Pandora thinks I like Soundtracks!

Now I’m getting flooded with music to Ben Hur and Sound of Music!
Thumbs Down! Thumbs Down!

I get an ad. That will teach me.

Next I’m given an electronic tune by Mantronix. That’s more like it. Thumbs Up.
Roger? Sure. Thumbs Up.

Oh Noes! Pandora thinks I like … black boy bands?!?

Now I’m flooded with Tony! Toni! Tone! and H-Town and … Cameo? Seriously?
Thumbs Down! Thumbs Down! Thumbs Down!

Oh Noes!

I’ve reached the limit of Thumbs Down that Pandora will accept! I have to take whatever they give me next without rejection.

So after the ad?

A Broadway Show tune from … RENT?!?


Pandora by John William Waterhouse – 1896


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