Friend: “I just got married!”

Me: “Congratulations! The first five years are the rockiest, so prepare for that.”

Friend: “Can’t you say something positive for me?”

Me: “I am being positive for you, and you need to stay positive to sail through the next five years.”

Friend: “This is you being negative.”

Me: “What you’re doing right now? Drop that shit. Right now you’re all about the fiery passion and how wonderful it feels for you and that’s great, but it’s also exhausting. And because it’s exhausting it doesn’t last.

So stop calling oblivious positive, because the second that Fire becomes an Afterglow you’ll start telling yourself that it’s all falling apart.

The Afterglow is fan-fucking-tastic! But you’ll be too damn busy fixating on the fire being gone that you’ll go nuts trying to artificially stoke it again: you’ll miss the warm afterglow while you’re freaking out over a problem that doesn’t exist. That fire comes and goes but it’s those warm embers that can last a lifetime, if you let it.

So just accept that the first 5 years of marriage are rocky while the both of you sort all of this out, and you won’t Do or Say something stupid to fuck it all up.

Friend: “Yeah. Yeah, okay. That makes a kind of sense. Thanks.”

Me: “You’re welcome. Have a great life.”

Friend: “Any other advice?”

Me: ” Yes, buy my books.”

Friend: “Wait. What? Oh, you just SU-“

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