How Spider-Man Always Gets Away



Kingpin: “Nothing can save you Now!”
Spider-Man: “Well, DUH!  The totality of oblivion can’t save anything at any point in time!”
Kingpin: “Oh no you don’t! You! Damn it! You… you KNOW  what I meant!”
Spider-Man: “Obviously! I just defined it! But do you? Your threat is nebulous and YOU know it. You call yourself a Mastermind?”
Kingpin (gasping in frustrated anger): “Let… DAMN! Let him go.”
Schemer: “What? But we have him! Spider-man is literally in the bag!”
Kingpin: “No, no… he beat me with his rhetorical cleverness.”
Schemer: “The Hell?”
Kingpin: (releasing Spider-Man) “Look! I have a gambling problem, okay? I risk everything! Win it all! But years ago I made a… a Foolish bet with Spider-man and he… oh damn it! He’s been besting me out of tight spots ever since!”
Schemer: “Is that so? Well Spider-Man has nothing on me! I can kill him right now!”
Spider-Man: “Hey Schemer, did you know that you’re the Kingpin’s son?” (jumps through a window and disappears into the night)

Kingpin & Schemer stare at each other: “WHAT?!?” *

*true story. Schemer aka Richard Fisk, was the Kingpin’s long lost son.

– Cover Art by John Romita, Script by Stan Lee

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