Leni Riefenstahl’s Birthday – or – How Hitler Rose to Power.

Today is Leni Riefenstahl’s birthday.

At Facebook, I wrote how Adolf Hitler looked to early 20th Century people, prior to attacking Poland.
I wrote about why Europe eagerly rolled over for him 1934 to 1939.

I also referenced legitimate, documented sources.

Facebook says that goes against their “Community Standards.”

Exposing how Adolf Hitler rose to power goes against Facebook’s Community Standards?!?

What the Fuck kind of “Community” is Facebook running?

Here is my full post.

Why Did Hitler Rise to Power?

Imagine yourself in 1934. Hitler was far from despised by the West. To the contrary, he was admired. This is how the world looked upon him, prior to the invasion of Poland.

Relatively isolated in a Germany where Leni was able to witness, firsthand, the before and after of the Nazi (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) take-over, they must have seemed like a dream come true.

Hitler, by force of personality alone, ended the economic stranglehold of France on the German mark. He rebuilt Germany into a respected and powerful nation again. From 1934 to 1939 were five glorious years when all of Europe including England, approved, apologized, and fawned over Adolf Hitler. He was doing great by Germany and even the Progressives of the world adored him. How could he be wrong? When Hitler rebuilt Germany’s military and invaded Austria, the Austrians cheered their invaders (The Anschluss)! At the time, Mussolini was Hitler’s biggest critic over this.

WilliamLShirerWhen Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, it was with the approval of the world (The Munich Agreement). According to William L. Shirer (the only reporter to have witnessed it all – the only reporter who smelled a rat while all the other journalists mooned and swooned over Adolf), in his book THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH (still in print after over 55 years!), Adolf was practically given everything he wanted, every demand he made was allowed. Militarily weak in the beginning, Hitler was always ready to back down in the face of force. But the Austrians cheered their invader. Astounded in all ways by the positive reaction to his demands, Adolf intentionally went over the top just to see where the line was drawn.

He demanded Czechoslovakia, which would smash the Versailles Settlement. And while the Czechs didn’t cheer, the rest of the world (U.K., France, Italy) said, “Sure! It’s yours.” And even Hitler could not believe that he was allowed to take over two countries without firing a single bullet.

Was there talk? Of course there was. And this is how the West saw it.

Say what you want about Hitler, but he’s bringing the world together!

According to Shire, it was at this point that Adolf became a changed man. At this point, he became convinced of his inviolability: his “Destiny”. Now he believed that the world was his, and that the world Wanted Him to rule Them: It was the dawning of The Third Reich. Would there be war? Of course, but any and all fighting would be minimal. The rulers and human vermin may not want to give up their rule, but the actual fighters, the foreign soldier’s hearts, wouldn’t be in it.

Say what you want about Hitler, but the world respects us now. Even Adolf’s staunchest critic, Mussolini, is now our closest friend!

That’s what Leni, who was 12 when WWI began, and grew up in the brutal poverty of post 1918 Depression era Germany, experienced.Leni

She also saw something with the Nazis that was unheard of in every other part of the planet.

Hitler, and the Nazis gave her and other women equal rights! Power over her domain, respected her talents over all others; male high ranking officers actually obeyed her orders – a woman! And they honored her achievements to the world. For a woman who grew up in that era, it must have convincingly appeared like the advent of a Progressive New Age for humanity.

There must be something to this Third Reich because…

Say what you want about Hitler, but women have greater equality here than anywhere on earth.

Plus the Nazis were Socialists! Social Progressives with compassionate, social programs ending poverty, hunger, humiliation, and disease. Free housing! Free healthcare! State controlled jobs for everyone! Sure taxes were going through the roof, but they were rebuilding a Nation that previous Weimar leaders destroyed! No country on the planet is more Progressive than Hitler’s compassionate Germany!

Say what you want about Hitler, but we have free Healthcare! Nobody is homeless! Nobody goes hungry! And the government is going to make sure that all of us get a car! Hard work is now rewarded! Period!

True, Adolf demonized a portion of people, but they were all greedy, rich, money-hording millionaires who secretly ruled the world: Keeping the rest of us down!

CharlesDickensOliverTwistTrue, they were also Jews, but what if Hitler was right? Hitler was far from the first person to say such things about this group of people. They’d been demonized for centuries, in  famous, beloved literature, long before Leni and her parents were even born. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, right? Even Karl Marx who, along with his best friend, Frederick Engles, wrote the definitive seminal works of Socialism and Communism, roundly trashed the sinister Jews since long before – originally tying the evils of Capitalism to Jews (apparently Engels implored him to stop).

And there was Leni, being treated as an equal among men for her unique talents. Was she supposed to believe that the most well regarded Western literature, the best minds of intelligentsia, philosophers, and even newspapers around the world were all in on some kind of ridiculous conspiracy where Jews were concerned?

Say what you want about Hitler but if NAZIs were racist, then why would our closest nation friends be the Italians and Japanese?

And look at what Hitler has accomplished so far! With the blessings of the world that Germany fought against and lost to! In just one generation, Hitler has done the impossible! He used to be the lowest of the low! He came from a poor family and was nothing but a corporal in WWI. He used to be a starving artist living on the street!

Look how far he’s come! No, put aside all your ridiculous criticisms. Hitler is real!

To people like Leni, Progressives and Socialists were the good guys by default. Everyone else must prove they can measure up to that.

Sure the Jews complained this entire time, but they were all “rich bankers” and “corporatists” keeping us down. If the rich hate Hitler, he must be doing something right.

That made sense to people then. Does anyone think that makes sense now?

That was the environment of the time, and it was against the force of this Western thought that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the most popular presidents of the United States, was powerless. He warned but no one, least of all his own party, listened. It took  Japan’s attack on our forces, killing hundreds of Americans, and Germany immediately declaring war against us in defense of their alliance with Japan, to Wake the West.



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