SCIENCE! Whether you Believe it or Not!

Aliens May Well Exist in a Parallel Universe, New Studies Find

By Brandon Specktor, Senior Writer
Should the search for alien life in our universe come up empty-handed, it might be worth checking in on a neighboring universe instead.

AliensScientists don’t know if Parallel Universes exist, and have no reason to think they do. But if they do exist – and nobody is saying that – then they have to match a certain criteria to support Life As We Know It.

Sooo … bored and having nothing better to do to earn his government paycheck, Pascal Elahi, a research fellow at the University of Western Australia, had a go with a computer simulation and his D&D Dungeon Master sheet of entirely made up crap regarding what elements (spells, health potions, armor) may exist in the magical wonderland of Parallel Universes, and the computer model came back with “HELLS YEAH there’s GOD DAMN life in Parallel Motherfucking UNIVERSES, bitch!”

A round of drinks later and there we are. And the science is true whether you believe it or not, thus sayeth Neil deGrasse Tyson​.



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