How To Deal With A Weight Problem


Astronomers spot a pair of orbiting supermassive black holes

This first-of-its-kind observation indicates a past galaxy merger.

By Alison Klesman  |  Published: Thursday, June 29, 2017 Always worth a visit.
Go there! Go there now! But first a word regarding this quote,

“The Milky Way’s own supermassive black hole weighs nearly 4 million times more than our Sun.”

That is, if we were comparatively measuring the weight of our galaxy’s super massive black hole to our sun, here on earth’s surface.


Okay, just wanted to clear that up. Now go have fun at*

*True, despite a universe obscenely suffused with probabilities (an embarrassment of riches, really), it will likely never happen, but I feel the risk warrants the caution.


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