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We live as thieves and pirates because we destroyed our ability to create. We wiped the best and brightest from our world with fear and fire a long time ago, and there’s no point in looking back.

Now we’ve come to your world in search of resources, for we’ve lost the ability to create our own. Yet here we find that there is not enough to justify our journey: still, we shall take them anyway so you cannot have them.

My people are dying. There were more scientific advancements in the first 25 years of the 21st century than in the last 2 centuries since.

Since the 19th century we have been aware of the viability of fusion power, yet over 400 years later have still not solved its riddle. Because we worship instead of reason, oppress instead of uplift, war instead of build, we still do not know how to harness the power of our own sun, which expends more energy in a single second than entirety of all life on my planet has used up to this moment.

We passed three other stars to get here, so we do not come here to survive. We come here for the only purpose we embrace: bitterness, bigotry, rage, and jealousy. We claim that our strike against you is preemptive, though at your primitive level it took my kind tens of thousands of years to reach the point where you see us now.

That is our terror, that you will surpass us in mere centuries instead of hundreds of millennia. We kill what scares us and we will kill you and each other if it means the very last of us can stand over the dead and rule them.

This is our pride, this is us spitting into the face of a God we created to spite the legend and ourselves, for we have nothing else, and now know we never will.

War was, is, and always will be our angry, jealous God.


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