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Gumball Really?

Roy Beck is actually against legal immigration. Legal Immigration. Why? Because Legal Immigration (unlike Open Borders) takes in the Best and Brightest from the world.

Oh yeah, we can’t have that.

As you’d expect, Roy Beck takes the easiest, laziest route by identifying the problem that everyone else is already aware of. And he does it with Brightly Colored Candy (Bright Colors and Sweeties holds the attention of the rubes)! As always, Roy disregards the hard part: a solution.

Roy Beck’s gumball show, like Al Gore’s slideshow, is the man’s vaudeville shtick, and he’s been doing some form of it for about the last 30 years (this one is from 2010, updated from his 1996 video). You would think after Three Long Decades, Roy could have figured out something, “Anything” that would lend credence to his glib summation at the end.

Some people are calling this “Brilliant”, but even Roy admits that he originally created it to hold the attention of a 7th grade level of children. When Roy gives this presentation to adults, he is literally talking to them as if they were inexperienced kids. This demonstration was created for immature children who have no real world experience or the wisdom that comes from engaging with life.

“I developed the presentation after being invited to talk to my son’s 7th grade class about immigration. I looked for a way to easily communicate proportionality in a visual way.”
– Roy Beck, NumbersUSA

You would think that after Three Long Decades, Roy could have inspired at least six people (I’m only asking for one person every five years here), to form a think tank that could figure out the solution that Roy Beck can not. Maybe the solution doesn’t exist, or maybe the people who could think of one haven’t immigrated here yet. Or maybe they have legally immigrated here but Roy doesn’t want to talk to them, because gumballs.

The #1 reason legal immigrants come here is because the U.S. has opportunities that their own countries do not – and will never have.

What kind of difference do we expect a brilliant, but lower caste, woman engineer to make in India?

What kind of difference do we expect a poor non-Muslim man to make in Iran? Syria? Lebanon? DuBai?

What kind of difference do we expect a brilliant but poor Muslim man with three daughters and no sons to make in Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? Palestine? Egypt? Turkey?

What kind of difference do we expect a poor single mother with children to make in Mexico? Honduras? Congo? Belize? Brazil? Columbia? Cuba?

What kind of difference do we expect a poor single mother with child to make in China?  Indonesia? Nigeria? Ethiopia? Sudan?

In impoverished countries, the best and brightest don’t rule the nation and have no opportunity to actively participate in their nation building. In impoverished nations, the wealthiest, most vicious, most bloodthirsty, most competitively narcissistic rule.

In impoverished nations, the absolute best the “Best Agents of Change” in that country can do is legally immigrate to America. Which is why they do that. Which is how the United States of America was created in the first damn place. Not because it’s the easiest way, but because there is no other way.

Enjoy the gumball video.


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