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Haven’t wanted to talk about this for a long time, but here goes.

Some of you may remember my sister Rachel who died from Ovarian cancer in 2014.
My sister Lety was having stomach problems that year, but ignored them and kept it from the rest of us so she – like us – could focus on doing whatever we could to care for Rachel.

After Rachel’s death, Lety’s pain was too much, she went to the hospital in November, and was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

There was well over a year of Chemo which seemed to help until late May of this year. Treatment was stopped as her cancer metastasized and Chemo would only make it worse.

Since then we did whatever we could to make Lety’s days as great as possible. She appeared to be doing pretty good without the Chemo and enjoyed long walks with the dogs.

We began to hope for some kind of remission.

5 weeks ago it suddenly hit her hard and it went quickly downhill from there.

2x4letyMy sister died September 19, 2016.

We buried her September 26.

Lety’s happiness was giving to her friends and family. She was one of those people who could be counted on to be first to help with anything and everything. Such people have difficulty being the one who needs help, but it was because of her powerful character that she was the center of all our lives.

Lety is luckier than most, however, because she died surrounded by love. This unemployed little woman who would not, could not stop volunteering to physically help and be there for everyone, spent her last two weeks surrounded by a seemingly endless stream of people, who could gain nothing from their final compassion, but to know that Lety would be happy to see them one last time.

So many more came from all over the world. People Lety kept in touch with but had not seen in years. They came from other cities, other states, other countries. Not all of them arrived in time.

The funeral procession of cars was so long the police cleared the traffic on the I-45, in the fourth largest city in the U.S., so that the remains of one of Houston’s economically poorest citizens could travel to the final resting place.

To Leticia: for 21 years you were my Sister from another Mother.



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