Where Random Happens

JULY 4th

As much as I love a Thanksgiving feast with the family, I prefer a July 4th feast with the family.

BBQ brings its own delights and the women are content to let the men F* up the meal. With women out of the mix, there is a general laid back attitude about the whole thing ‘cuz guys aren’t out to make everything “Perfect”.

We’re drinking beer while we cook – While We Cook – for crying out loud!

Kids and dogs are running around the yard screaming their heads off, laughing, playing, fighting, and as long as they don’t run into us or the hot cooker, we don’t care.

One of the house apes gets their feelings hurt
(“Rudy pushed me!”
“Rudy! Stop being an ass!”
“She started it!”
“*SHE* is six! Stop being an ass!”
“[sullen] …okay.” )

The men are all talking about what we talk about. The women are all talking about what they talk about. Nobody is worried how the day is going to turn out because come the night, our town is going to blow up the god damn sky while we sit on the curb and watch.

I think about the six years of my life in the military when I volunteered to put it all on the line. At that moment I potentially tripled or more the odds of my being maimed or killed in the next six years. I went out of my way to needlessly increase the risk to myself for a purpose greater than me. If I make it, I’ll have all the rest of my life for me.

In all that light shower and noise, the baby gets in my lap and put her hands over her ears while she watches in wonderment.

Out of nowhere my wife – the love of my life – leans over and kisses me.

A surprisingly beautiful firework blooms. Moments like this. It was all worth it.


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