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MystWhen Myst arrived it was called a game. The other game I played then was DOOM. Both took me through strange threatening worlds. Both were intriguing and attractive. Only in DOOM, however, was I constantly faced with death.

I played MYST and I played DOOM. I played MYST and I played DUKE NUKEM. I played MYST and I played tons of first person shooters, rail games, and other styles both arcade and home.

With the MYST sequel, RIVEN, I realized that MYST wasn’t a game. It was a mystery graphic novel whereby you could only turn the page once you understood the story Up To That Point.

It was a beautiful slideshow of a tale, but once you were used to the beauty, the puzzles could be frustrating. Sometimes, seemingly, pointless and frustrating only for frustration’s sake. Difficult just to be difficult.

I eventually found GRIM FANDANGO to be every bit as fascinating, but more fun and rewarding. The puzzles made sense within the logic of the story and characters.

MYST and RIVEN did the best they could in 16 bits. Now we approach 2016 and technology has caught up to the point where the beauty of MYST can be walked through in real time without the slideshow.

There are tens of millions of people who have never experienced MYST, as well as at least 6 million who would love to once again walk through these lands of Ages in a modern way.

What I’m saying is, it’s time to revisit MYST.

Lost to the Ages

Myst was supposed to change the face of gaming. What is its legacy 20 years later?


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