Where Random Happens


AbyssI stared long into the Abyss. But the Abyss ignored me.

So I called the Abyss but it ignored my calls.

So I wrote love poems to the Abyss. The Abyss said it only wanted to be friends.

Then Abyss up and started chattering about all of the lovers who treated it So Shabbily and how its existence was So Awful and nobody wanted to respect the Abyss on Its Terms, and could I take it out this Friday to dinner? And – Oh! –  that popular new club?

Of course we have to agree to some rules.

Don’t try to kiss or hug because the Abyss isn’t property. I shouldn’t expect to get to dance with Abyss, because it needs to be free and breathe. I also shouldn’t expect to hang out with it at the club because,
“You know. Don’t make me say it. We both know. You know why so don’t be boring.” Also, it liked to People watch and couldn’t enjoy it with me Right There.

Sheesh! So I ignored the Abyss and turned my attention to the Crevasse.
Crevasse returned my attentions and soon we were quite an item.

After about a week, I got a call from the Abyss, but I was busy with Crevasse so I let it go to voice mail.
Abyss rang two more times so I turned my ringer off.
My phone continued to vibrate for the next hour.

Crevasse and me went back to my place and Abyss was standing by my door, waiting.
Abyss took one stink-eye look at Crevasse and said, “I’ve got news for you slut! He’s only fucking you because I wouldn’t sleep with him.”

Crevasse was ready to get into it with Abyss, but I stopped that nonsense, called the Void and, when they arrived, I played back all the messages Abyss left me that night (I just had a hunch they’d all be whacked out).

The Void took the Abyss away and I never looked back.

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