Where Random Happens


WhiteWolvesForest Watcher: “OOoooOOO!”
Stealth Hunter: “OOOooooOOOO!”
Forest Watcher: “OoooOOO… No, no. Stealth Hunter you -“
Stealth Hunter: “Just call me Stealth.”
Forest Watcher: “That would confuse you with Stealth Predator.”
Stealth Hunter: “What confuse? She’s not on watch tonight.”
Forest Watcher: “No? Hm. This week’s schedule has me all confused.”
Stealth Hunter: “So what up?”
Forest Watcher: “Huh?”
Stealth Hunter: “We were howling and you told me ‘No.’ No what?”
Forest Watcher: “I forget now.”
Stealth Hunter: “GAH! Idiot.”
Forest Watcher: “Sorry.”
Stealth Hunter: “Ahem! Mi. Mi. Mi. Do. Re. Mi. Ahem!”
Forest Watcher: “OOoooOOO!”
Stealth Hunter: “OOOooooOOOO!”
Forest Watcher: “Ooo-Oh now I remember!”
Stealth Hunter: “What?”
Forest Watcher: “Your timing is off. You need to come in on three. Ah One. Anda Two. Anda-
Stealth Hunter: “What? Well then who comes in on two?”
Forest Watcher: “Nobody. I come in on one and you come in on three.”
Stealth Hunter: “You can’t have a two part harmony with the second person coming in on three. It will sound like two separate wolves.”
Forest Watcher: “So?”
Stealth Hunter: “SO? Don’t you even know why we do this?”
Forest Watcher: “Be… Because it’s our turn on the schedule?”
Stealth Hunter: “See, this is why they keep changing the roster all the time. Nobody wants to work with you.”
Forest Watcher: “…oh… I… I mean, OOoooOO-“
Stealth Hunter: “Oh shut up and follow my lead. Anda One. Anda Two!

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