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Startup Sues A Domain Name Owner To Grab A 16-Year-Old URL

TrollFaceSo your name is Harsh Mehta (about as common a name in India as Bob Smith for anglos). Back in 2003, you co-founded a nifty startup in New York City called OfficeLinks.

Unfortunately its 12 years later and OfficeLinks remains a start-up. But that’s cool, because you are now Raising Capital. In fact, the very nature of your business is Entirely Dependent on credibly establishing Trust and Good Will from your potential clients. People who do business in both the brick and mortar world as well as online.

How does Harsh Mehta build confidence in himself and OfficeLinks now that he and his partners are are finally getting on their feet after 12 Long Years? Well, why not publicly start a Staggeringly Massive Public Relations Nightmare for his business, his partners, and his investors by Stealing Domain Names from regular, shallow-pocket people around the globe?

How Brill!

Sure, these domain names have Absolutely Nothing To Do with the OfficeLinks Business name. They certainly have Nothing to do with the OfficeLinks Business Model. They don’t even so much as delicately skim the surface of the OfficeLinks brand*. In fact, there seems to be no real point to doing it at all. At least, none that Mehta wants to talk about.

But while everyone else in Mehta’s co-founded company is working to grow the business, Harsh apparently has lots of free time, is temporarily flush with investment cash which could be put to better use, so: Money! (besides, someday someone at OfficeLinks might even get around to finding a use for those domain names – assuming Mehta hasn’t burned it to the ground by then).

What if those schlubs that OfficeLinks outright robbed complain to authorities about the theft?

WorkBetter.com owner fights back against ACPA lawsuit

Sue Them! Because you are Mehta Harsh and in this fleeting pinhole flash of Internet time, you are flush with someone else’s cash and you temporarily have a fleet of lawyers! OfficeLinks can Buy the Law!

*On the other hand, with a name like OfficeLinks, Mehta Harsh and co. have spent over a decade rubbing their spoor all over established brick & mortar companies, domain names, and brands like OfficeDepot / OfficeMax, to name a few.

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