My New Logitech Trackball

In 1996 (yes I’m that old – Shut yer cakehole!), I needed a new computer mouse and, because the Logitech trackball looked so different, I chose to give it a try. My job was paying for it after all.

As a graphic artist, what I had was a mouse I would be constantly moving off of my tiny mousepad while drawing vectors. That and the fact that in 1996 computer monitors had the hulking bulky depth of microwave ovens and the weight of small block engines, put desktop real estate at a premium. A mouse that required me to use my fingers & thumb and not mouse-jousting my monitor in carpal-tunnel damaging repetition, seemed a bonus.

After the initial and short learning curve with the Trackman, I quickly grew to love that mouse. So I bought one for home.

RedBallAround about 2001 Logitech introduced the Trackman Wheel. I went to my local BestBuy, put my palm over the display model, and knew it was perfect. I gave my old-er Trackman to a friend.

That was 14 years ago. I’ve had the same Logitech Trackman wheel ever since and throughout the many years of dropping it (and looking for the red marble that popped out whenever I did that), it never let me down.

This little plastic bastard has had more than its share of use and abuse throughout my years of moving, packing, unpacking, and mobile computing. It always worked like a champ. Former loyalties to Apple, Mr. Coffee machines, HP, and Dell computers have come and gone in that time, but Logitech remained firm.

However –

BlueBallLast week it finally died. Whether a wire came loose and can be easily fixed with solder or not is another story for another time (and the bottom plate is held on with metal screws making DIY easy!). I knew it was time to buy a new one.

So with the Amazon gift card my friends Diane and Matt Matson sent me  for my birthday (I got the card a week early! Yay!), I bought my third Logitech trackball mouse: the wireless m570.

I’m hoping that nearly 20 years later, Logitech remains a great company that designs and builds great accessories. So much so that I’m actually giving a multi-million dollar corporation free advertising.

I Stand By My Brand!

UPDATE, June 23, 2015

Loving this new mouse! Logitech RULES!

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