The Blatantly Obvious Seething Racism of Salon’s Brittney Cooper

And now a taste of Salon’s Brittney Cooper and her mouth-foaming racism. Like every stripe of Supremacist with a self-entitled sense of superiority, it’s everyone’s fault but hers. Everyone else but her no matter how blatant her undisguised hatred is, even when she tells her side of the story.

Hilariously enough (in a mocking way), the editors of Salon are blind to it as well. Which tells you something about the powers that be there.

“LISTEN WHEN I TALK TO YOU!”: How white entitlement marred my trip to a Ferguson teach-in

BrittneyCooper(And notice her unreserved threat of violence in the subheading)

A nightmarish train ride reminds me why too many white people don’t get how short black America’s fuse is right now


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