Where Random Happens


It begins like this.

I was on Facebook, minding my own affairs. When this ad from !!!TRIGGER WARNING!!! Walmart, caught me unawares.


That was the biggest Millennium Falcon toy I ever saw. I recall talk about selling such a big freaking wookie of a toy, but I think this was the biggest wookie of a M.F. spaceship yet!

I was so impressed I posted this,

FBSWMFWalMartThis is my sense of humor, it’s the way I joke.

But then this happened,

HSFAMFHank Schwaeble is the Bram Stoker award winning writer of the novel, DAMNABLE. He is used to my kind of joking, and year after year jokes back in the same vein.

So when he said this,

HSMCI came back with this!

FAToyJoking aside, this is the Star Wars geek version of promising to introduce me to Halle Berry (STORM!). Don’t joke around about a thing like that!

But Hank said,

HS2Today is Monday, December 15, 2014. So what did I get in my email today? A forward from Hank.

GreatNewsHoly crap! Is this for real? Is this a joke?

Dare I freaking dream?

Let’s be clear here.

This is a massive scale toy for children (*wink! wink!*).

star-wars-poster For children who sat enthralled in their theater seats in the 1970s and 1980s, watching the most awesome movie they had ever seen in their lives!

So I went to my local Walmart, and lo and behold, this is what I brought back!

FeoSWSo yes, my buddy Hank Schwaebel loves me!



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