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by E.C. McMullen Jr.
Sept. 3, 2014

So … how often does Forward Progressives tell the truth? Do they check their sources before they quote them, or do they only rely on biased sources like Tampa Bay Times?
For that matter, how often does the Tampa Bay Times Politifact (the least credible of the various Politifacts) tell the truth? Or at least do their homework and tell the whole truth?
Study Finds Fact checkers Biased Against Republicans
(a news source, rating competitive news sources)

I ask this after having followed Forward Progressives and Tampa Bay Times Politifact / Punditfact’s linked sources and reading them.

The fact is, Punditfact didn’t rate FoxNews on their news (a Liberal news source, rating a competitive Conservative news source), they rated the non-news talk shows on their pundits – and capriciously included guest speakers (or not) – whenever it suited Tampa Bay to put it in their article.

PunditFact, in their rating system, even went so far as to base their “facts” entirely on the specious notion that their biased, baseless opinion was fact.

For example, read this Pants On Fire link (used in determining if FoxNews is accurate),
Fox’s Doocy: NASA fudged data to make the case for global warming

Without knowing the FoxNews source, PunditFact said,
“We asked Fox News for their source and while they didn’t respond, a number of conservative news outlets have made much in recent days of a blog post from a man who writes under the pseudonym Steven Goddard. Goddard charged that until 2000, NASA reported that in the United States, 1934 was hotter than 1998 and that the country has been cooling since then.”

Tampa bay Politifact then proceeded to tear down what Doocy said, based entirely on the assumption (from uncredited blogs) that the FoxNews source was Steven Goddard (Tony Heller writes under the pseudonym of Steven Goddard, but you wouldn’t know it by reading Tampa Bay Politifact, as they are renown for not doing their homework.  Tony Heller makes no secret of who he really is on the site. The same way I make no secret that Feo Amante is an old nickname of mine).

To shore up their position that Heller is mistaken about NASA scientists fudging the numbers, they use none other than Zeke Hausfather of Berkeley Earth, who critically said of “Goddard”,
“He is simply averaging absolute temperatures.”
“Absolute temperatures work fine if and only if the composition of the station network remains unchanged over time.”

The article continues to quote other scientists who are on both sides of the fence concerning AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming), both the Believers (Gavin Schmidt) as well as the Skeptics (Anthony Watts), who are united in their critique of Steven Goddard.

So that’s all fair right?

Obviously of course not. Because all of these people criticizing Heller for his poor science means nothing if Heller wasn’t Doocy’s source. Which means Tampa Bay PunditFact didn’t use fact, but biased opinion.

You could just as easily say that Doocy’s source on FoxNews was Climate Scientist, Founder and Scientific Director of Berkeley Earth, Richard A. Muller (also American professor of physics: University of California, Berkeley, and faculty senior scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), who had this to say about the “Hide the Decline” scandal.
Climategate ‘hide the decline’ explained by Berkeley professor Richard A. Muller

PunditFact is apparently aware of what is written at Berkeley Earth and who writes it. My investigation of their claims was cursory. Their investigation of their reports is abysmal.


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