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NUTSHELL: It’s Not A Ghost


It’s just a very common part of photography.

It’s called Lens Flare. Also known as Aperture ghosting. Very common with cheaper lenses on film cameras and even more expensive digital cameras because of reflection off the sensor (sensor flares are usually very blurry).

It’s lens reflection off one or more of the lens elements.

Photographers have been battling this, these “Bokehs” with film or the recent digital sensor reflections or using it to enhance their art, for nearly 100 years. J.J. Abrams used lens flare intentionally on Star Trek to a ridiculous extent.

Lensflare is common enough that it is the reason lens hoods and matte boxes exist.

In fact, it’s so common, Adobe offers it as a tool in Photoshop, After Effects, and even Illustrator. Corel offers it as well. Check out this tutorial on YouTube.

You don’t get this as bad with more expensive anti-reflection coated lenses, like the Olympus Micro, and not at all with a Carl Zeiss lens.

For more info on lens flare, just Google it!

Originally posted by E.C. McMullen Jr. at Facebook September 12, 2011

My NUTSHELL blogs mean just that. I quickly get right to the point, tell you what you want to know, and give you links to credible resources so you can learn the full story. Every word link goes to a specific page that will give you information on that specific topic. If I write, “Just Google it”, I’ve already Googled it for you.


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