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SPACE 1999


What are you so smug about? You blew up your own damn colony!

In 1979, the nation of Canada, after decades of having watched their best, brightest, and savviest flee across the southern border for better opportunities in the U.S.A., took a good, honest, and ( relatively ) sober look at their ultra polite, non-confrontational culture and said,

“Screw this.”

So they sent their dullest ( even by Canadian standards ) pacifists to the far side of the moon – to build a base where no one on earth would ever have to look at them.

20 years later the incompetent boobs went and blew up their own god damn moon base, sending a large, rolling doughnut-sized fragment containing the remains of their entire colony, hurtling out into space.

Before losing radio contact, the colonists blamed the explosion on all the nuclear waste they were storing. Which fooled no one but 9/11 Truufers and their ilk. There is a reason why they are called “spent fuel rods” and that’s because they are SPENT!

Anyway, some Brits thought the whole disaster was a hoot and made this documentary, SPACE: 1999. That was before the great Space Time warp of 2000 created a new sack of alternate earths with diverging timelines ( my bad and I can’t apologize enough for it* ).

The upshot for us is that the whole moonbase thing never happened and we got a Thrilling TV show out of it ( well, about as thrilling to watch as competitive numerology ) from the mid-1970s.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey can sure get messy.

*Originally the 1990s Star Wars Special Edition trilogy and the Star Wars Prequel trilogy never happened – and still hasn’t happened in most alt-timelines. I am so, SO sorry!


Story by E.C. McMullen Jr.

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