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I Was There When It All Changed!

Back in November of 2001, when the world for U.S. citizens had so abruptly changed, I worked on base as a civilian for the Army.

It wasn’t that big a deal, my job: Just handling the base intranet, building pages in CF, and such.

When the Commander’s Conference came up and a roomful of elites were to be given dossiers, I was tasked with burning the information CDs they would have in their folders. So while the CDs burned, I designed covers for the cases and a matching CD label.

The day the base conference ended, my boss came up to me, congratulated me on the cover design, and said,
“Next time, don’t go to all that trouble with a CD design.”

Thinking we were still on the Compliment Range, I said,
“Aw, it was no trouble.”

In a voice edged with a bit more severity, she said,
“Don’t go to all that trouble. Again.”

That second time I caught her gist and said,
“Yes m’am!”

Someday there will be a movie where a bunch of staunch military types will look at their dossier trimmed in nice, apropos designer graphics. And at some point in some conversation, someone will speak of that movie and say, “That scene was so stupid. I was in the military and NOBODY would design Conference dossiers like THAT!”

And I’ll be obliged to say,
“Well, not anyMORE!”


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