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2 Years of Life

image descriptionMy wife made a sign for a local school event with sparkly colorful letters.

My two year old niece, Malinda, watched amazed as my wife first drew a trail of Elmer’s glue onto the sign, then sprinkled it with colorful bright glitter. Then she carefully tipped the sign so that the excess glitter fell away in a sparkly rainbow.

Then my wife drew the next gluey, gooey word. More colorful bright glitter, more sparkly rainbows.

Malinda got so excited by how pretty it all was that, with a squeal, she reached out to touch the magic! But she slapped her hands on it before it was dry.

As soon as she felt the wet glue, her excitement crashed in surprise.

Something was wrong! She knew it!

She lifted her hands to see that she wrecked the sign.

She looked at her smeared glue & glitter palms, shock. She looked again at the ruined sign.

Then with wide-eyed alarm, Malinda looked up at my surprised wife.

It all happened so fast, all of her startled emotions at once, no one had a chance to say anything, but we could see it on her face. No one had to tell her, Malinda knew she destroyed a wonderful thing.

She broke out in tears to a woman who never punished her,

“Tia!” She cried. “Sorry, Tia!” and ran from the room howling. “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!”

She wasn’t crying because she was afraid of my wife, or of being punished, or thought she would be punished. At just a little over 2 years, my niece was crying because, to her, she destroyed something beautiful. A wellspring of raw compassion because Malinda believed she hurt her aunt’s feelings. She thought she broke her beloved Tia’s heart.

It took a while to calm her down and let her know it was all right.

Here’s the thing about all this.

Tears of the most openly sincere regret and compassion I have ever seen, and all from a mere two year old child, has left me awestruck.

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    October 30, 2011 at 4:14 am

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