Where Random Happens

2nd Degree Sexuality

It’s Sunday!

Freaking car alarm goes off at 6am in the morning on my day off!

Goes on for the longest time before finally being silenced.

Too late, I’m up.

Groggily I get out of bed, go through my weekend bathroom routine, except no shower (last night) and no teeth brushing (ditto).

I leave our bedroom, clean the cat litter, compile the garbage and recyclables, and take it all out.

Half asleep I come back in, my wife now in the kitchen dining area. I’m dimly aware of her watching me and I mutter a “Good Morning” and dutifully kiss her on top of her head. I wash my hands in the sink, dry them, and walk to the table except my wife is blocking me.

*blink* *blink*

Odd smiling expression on her face.

“You think you can just walk in here like a Rooster and not expect repercussions?”

*Blink* *Blink*

“Rooster?” I say.

“With your shoulders back and your chest all puffed out!”

My brain cells try to kick-start all this.

She grabs me!

“You can’t swagger into my house, all strutting like a Rooster without repercussions!”

Oh, right. My swagger (Mom says I moved with a swagger since I learned to walk).

Suddenly her hands are everywhere. Just as suddenly she’s dragging me back to our bedroom.

“You have to face the repercussions!”

I accidentally turned her on. I didn’t mean to, but I enthusiastically accepted my punishment. 🙂


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