Zombie Fragment


ATTACKER (shouting, hiding behind a car): “No! Wait! Stop!”


ATTACKER: “Damn it, stop!”


ATTACKER: “Stop shooting at me you assholes! I’m not a zombie!”
JUDD: “Damn Mike! A talking zombie!”
MIKE: “Don’t care. Flush him out.”


ATTACKER: “Stop! Stop it!”
JUDD: “We saw you eating that gal, you f**kin’ zombie!”
ATTACKER: “Okay, fine! I’m a cannibal you gun happy idiots! Not a zombie!”
MIKE: “That’s better how?”


ATTACKER: “She was already dead! There’s no food! I’m Starving!”
JUDD: “Not for long!”


ATTACKER: “Murderers!”
JUDD: “That may be a point. What do you think Mike?”
MIKE: “You can’t be serious.”
JUDD: “Maybe that woman was already dead.”
MIKE: “Then why wasn’t she moving around? And who the hell eats a zombie?”
JUDD: “Starvation can do things to a person’s mind.”
MIKE: “There’s a line, Judd. Once a person goes cannibal, it remains an option.”

Judd and Mike quickly look behind them, at the body, just in case. A partially eaten woman, wounds oozing fresh blood, lies a small distance behind them.

JUDD: “Anything?”
MIKE: “No.”

One shot hits the dead woman’s head. Attacker sees it.

MIKE: “And there won’t be.”
ATTACKER (shouting): “Whoa! So, are we cool?”

Mike and Judd look at each other, sizing up the request.

ATTACKER: “Hey! Are we cool?”
JUDD: “Stand up where we can see you, hands over your head.”

Attacker hesitantly stands, arms raised, hands empty.

ATTACKER: “So it’s cool? We’re okay?”
MIKE: “Yeah.”

Gunshot. Attacker’s head twists back and he drops.

MIKE: “We are now.”

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