Hot Coffee

BartenderI love coffee. A hot Coffee works to maximum effect in it’s humble environment – a cup. In that cup it creates its own mood: the relaxed ambiance of hot coffee! – Related, yet entirely different, from the atmosphere of a hot cup of tea. Perhaps its my Western culture but tea feels time specific.

Tea Time.

Whereas any time, yes even before bed, is acceptable for coffee.

Coffee is a warm and smooth invitation to other foods. Not simply as something on the side, but even right in it. Across the Americas, North and South, we dunk donuts and other breads in it. Yet coffee always commands the moment. Coffee is perfect both before the meal and as an aperitif after the meal.

Chocolate and coffee go well together, especially as a mix. But even then, chocolate must obey the social nature of coffee, and never the other way around. Unlike chocolate, which on its own in a wide variety of culinary and even erotic environments, coffee has a perfect, singular nature. For example, only a fool would seductively say,

“Would you like some hot coffee baby? Maybe you’d like me to pour it all over my naked body? Ow! Shit! Sonofa- OW! AUGH! GOD DAMN! HOT! HOT! HOT! OW! F*CK!”

Yeah, thanks for the loving thought and all. But I’m perfectly happy to relax, let time wait on me for a moment, and slow sip it from a cup.

Mmmmm…coffee… 🙂


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