Go Here…

I wouldn’t lead you astray.

Russian Dancing Men from the folks who brought you Badgers! Badgers! Badgers!

…they didn’t all become gorgeous, but they all did pretty well (except for the one who had lots of surgery – cheater!).

…gift for the easily offended.

…the nuts shall inherit the earth!

…for you non-gamers? Sorry, it’s a Gamer thing: You wouldn’t understand. For the rest of us? HA! DUDE!

…reanimating your Dead Game Boy.

…now THAT’S a commercial!

‎…do ya wanna touch?
Do ya wanna touch?

…okay. Last gamer link of the day. I swear!

…the Holy Trinity of Liam Neeson.

…the Great Cthulhu can be defeated by a prick

…amazing freaking planet!
Canada’s Unique Spotted Lake

…someone’s little slice of heaven.

I don’t want your email, you don’t have to register, sign in, need a password, or choose an icon.
It’s just stuff you want to know about stuff you want to know.
Feo Amante’s Horror Thriller


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