Where Random Happens

What the Customer Ordered

Motto seen on the menu of a Houston comedy club:
“Laff Spot Comedy Cafe: Even our food tastes funny.”
Another eclectic series of work for an eclectic series of clients. All copyright by E.C.McMullen Jr. except where noted.

A design I created for Laff Spot Comedy Cafe. This was a blend of original logo and their clip-art laughing character.

A T-Shirt design I did for Feo Amante at events.

Capt. Rowdie aka Frank Lunney liked this poster so much he got one for himself.

A full page color ad I created for Sun Chlorella USA, which appeared in Mira Magazine

Another full page color ad I created in InDesign for Sun Chlorella USA. This appeared in SHAPE magazine.

A book cover and a concept I have for an anthology.

My T-Shirt design. That's Cantinflas. Of course, if you were from Mexico or Central America, you'd know that. 🙂

My Card

My business card. I use it for business. Hint. Hint.


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